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Processing Platform
Hello Data


Fast and Accurate Data Collection & Processing Performance with A.I


Offering Various Customized Modules

  • Hello Data

    Provides data processing and supports advancement in AI in various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, agriculture, finance, etc.

  • Hello Data AUTO

    Supports work environment and technology optimized for generating data for AI autonomous driving

  • Hello Data MEDI

    Offers data analysis / processing to establish medical AI diagnostic model


Real-time Statistics and Entire Process Monitoring Available for systematic management

Monitor worker / auditor progress in real-time to track the project schedule and modify authorization / human resources flexibly for efficient project management.


Provides Safe and Convenient Mass Cloud Storage

The data is stored separately on a global-standard cloud space for safe protection to avoid data leakage and network attacks. No extra management is needed.


The Best Environment to Process Various Types of Data

Increases work efficiency by providing the optimal work environment for each purpose and type of data, such as image, audio, text, etc. User-friendly UI is available for anyone to use without having prior knowledge of labeling.

Digital Era of Multiple Careers

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Hello Data


Grow Together with Hello Data for the Better Future and Opportunities

Hello Data is used in projects in more than 50 companies including Microsoft, Incruit Albacall, ASPN, GAION, BRFrame, etc.

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From data collection to processing, we welcome new business partnership opportunities to pave innovation of the AI industry with Hello Data’s services and infrastructure.